About Us

As avid travellers for both business and pleasure we know staying in hotels for a month or longer is not a good option. On the other side finding good corporate housing and extended stay providers is a challenge and unless you have a great office assistant it's difficult to find accommodations.

In 2012 FurnishedRENT.com was started with the aim to revolutionize the way monthly furnished rentals are rented, and bring the efficiency and transparency of booking an airline or hotel to the furnished rentals industry.

We scour each city to find the best and most reputable furnished rental companies so you don't have to. We bring together data from many sources so that you can make a more informed decision about renting a furnished apartment or house for a short or extended stay.

We're Differenet

Furnished Rent provides an easy way to search, compare and book online from hundreds of carefully selected and verified professional rental companies. At Furnished Rent you won't have to worry about making booking payments with unknown companies on Craiglist or rent apartments directly from owners on sites like Airbnb. Both of those options maybe suited for short-term stays of 1-2 weeks where you might put-up with the inconveniences of renting directly from owners… but for longer-term stays of 1 month or more we believe we provide a superior offering that is consistent.

If you're in town for business, a relocation, or simply visiting for an extended-stay we invite you to see all the benefits of renting a furnished property from FurnishedRENT.com

Why FurnishedRENT.com

There are many reasons to book with us, but here are some of the more important ones:

1. Verified Rental Companies

Renting an apartment for longer than one month is currently not easy. Since there can be anywhere from 30 to 300 furnished rental companies in each city, it's not an easy job.

FurnishedRENT.com changes that by providing you a singular place to search for quality furnished rentals in any city (currently serving Ontario) from hundreds of verified rental companies which we personally examine before we recommend them to you.

The following is our criteria for recommending a furnished rental company/provider:

- Company must be reputable and in business for more than 5 years.
- Company must provide more than 10 units for rental (therefore be a professional/full-time provider)
- Properties listed on FurnishedRENT.com must be properly maintained, exceptionally clean (with a minimum of 2 weeks cleaning mandatory)
- Properties all have accurate pictures reflecting the current state of the unit

2. Easy Booking

Our mission at FurnishedRENT.com is to make it easy for you to make a booking in a professionally managed apartment. Our system allows you to easily search for hundreds of apartments/condos/houses, and choose the ones you're interested without having to contact 10 different companies to compare prices and availability.

3. Great Service

You can always call us to speak about your booking needs. Our agents will search various companies in the city of your choice and find you the perfect apartment. Best of all this concierge service is absolutely FREE.